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  Women's health startup pulls
Posted by: wilderrasp - 01-11-2020, 12:13 PM - Forum: General Topics - Replies (9)

The Health of Women".[5] The WHO considers that an undue emphasis on reproductive health has been a major barrier to ensuring access to good quality health care for all women.[1] Conditions that affect both men and women, such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, also manifest differently in women.[6] Women's health issues also include medical situations in which women face problems not directly related to their biology, such as gender-differentiated access to medical treatment and other socioeconomic factors.[6] Women's health is of particular concern due to widespread discrimination against women in the world, leaving them disadvantaged.[1]

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  Progressive Ears MUSIC
Posted by: wilderrasp - 01-11-2020, 09:54 AM - Forum: General Topics - Replies (6)

Usually when a website looks as distracting as 4chan does, that becomes a major downfall. But the aesthetics don’t seem to be a damaging factor here. Regardless of the format, the traffic remains heavy. Unlike some other message boards that have some pretty vague topics, 4chan threads tend to be really specific. There’s literally a thread for everything. Some threads include: favorite albums you used to hate, best albums to sleep to, rating each album in an artist’s catalog, sex playlist suggestions, and even classical music suggestions.

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Posted by: eleng596 - 01-10-2020, 07:34 AM - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

Black Silicon Carbide (SIC) is produced in an electric resistance furnace from quartz sand and petroleum coke or anthracite at high temperature. The hardness and sharp particle shape of SIC make it suitable for producing of grinding wheels, coated abrasives, wire saws, superior refractory materials and deoxideiser as well as for lapping, polishing and blasting.
Chemical & Physical Properties
Crystal FormAlpha SiC hexagonal system
Chemical natureSlight acid
Reaction with acidsVery slight surface action with hydrofluoric acid
Reaction with AlkaliesAttcked at high temperature by alkalles and iron xide
Oxidation-reduction effectsStarts to oxide slowly at 800oC. No reduction
True Density (g/cm3)3.20
HardnessKnoop (kg/cm2)2200-2500
Color after firingBlack
Decomposition point2200oC
Max Usable temperature1540oC in air
Specific heat (cal/g.oC)0oC500oC1000oC
Coefficient of thermal conductivity (cal/cm2.sec.oC)600oC800oC1000oC
Electrical resistivity (Wcm)25oC100oC400oC800oC1400oC
Coefficient of liner expansion (x10-6)25oC-500oC25oC-1000oC25oC-1500oC25oC-2000oC25oC-2500oC
Chemical Composition (by % weight)
Grit10# - 90#100# -180#220# - 220#230# - 400 #500#-1200#
SiC98.5 min98.0 min97.0 min96.0 min93.0 min
F.C0.2 max0.3 max0.3 max0.4 max0.4 max
Fe2O30.6 max0.8 max1.2 max1.5 max1.7 max
Available grain sizes
Grit No.MicronGrit No.MicronGrit No.Micron
102360 ~ 200030710 ~ 60080212 ~ 180
122000 ~ 170036600 ~ 50090180 ~ 150
141700 ~ 140040500 ~ 425100150 ~ 125
161400 ~ 118046425 ~ 355120125 ~ 106
201180 ~ 100054355 ~ 300150106 ~ 75
221000 ~ 85060300 ~ 25018090 ~ 63
24850 ~ 71070250 ~ 21222075 ~ 53
Available mircron powder sizes
China GB 2477-83
JISFEPA(84) / DIN(70)ISO(77)
Grit No.Norminal size range(µm)Grit No.ds50 value (µm)Grit No.ds50 value (µm)Grit No.ds50 value (µm)
Standard werte der Mikro-F-ReiheSedigraph 5000D
    24060.0±4.0   P24058.5±2.0
   28052.0±3.0   P28052.2±2.0
W6363 - 5032046.0±2.5F230/5353±3.050.0±3.0P32046.2±1.5
W5050 - 4036040.0±2.0F240/4544.5±2.042.0±2.0P36040.5±1.5
  40034.0±2.0   P40035.0±1.5
W4040 - 2850028.0±2.0F280/3736.5±1.534.5±1.5P50030.2±1.5
W2838 - 2070021.0±1.3F360/2322.8±1.521.6±1.5P80021.8±1.0
W2020 - 14100015.5±1.0F500/1312.8±1.012.3±1.0P120015.3±1.0
W1414 - 10120013.0±1.0     
W1010 - 720008.5±0.7     
W77 - 525007.0±0.7F800/76.5±1.06.3±1.0  
W55 - 3.530005.7±0.5F1000/54.5±0.84.5±0.8  
for general purposesfor general purposesfor bonded abrasivesfor coated abrasives
Non-abrasive SiC (TN) (% by weight)
Chemical Composition
TypeSiC minF.C maxFe2O3 maxSize mm

Vitrified toolsLapping
Resinoid toolsBlasting
PolishingInvestment casting
TumblingWear resistance
Lapping compoundWire saw

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  pp woven mesh bag making machine Made in China
Posted by: eleng596 - 01-10-2020, 07:33 AM - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

Double-cutting and Winding Rotary Die Film Blowing Machine
1st. Usage
The machine is suitable for packing milk, agriplast film, foodstuff, garment, textile, daily-use articles and industrial products etc.
2nd . Characteristic
1.Use specific extruder system, rotary die mould, double cutting and winding rewinder and fast Filter.
2.Adopt automatic temperature regulator, pressure monitor and corana machine;
3.It has an advatage of great thickness, corrosion resistance and endurance etc.
3rd. Technical Parameters
Type 50 55 65 75 80
Screw diameter (mm) Φ50 Φ55 Φ65 Φ75 Φ75
Ratio of Screw L/D 30:1
Thickness of film(mm) 0.025-0.15/0.005-0.02
Raw Material LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE
Max. Output(kg/h) 50 60 75 90 100
Folding width of products(mm) 100-800 200-1000 300-1200 400-1500 500-1600
Main power(kw) 15 18.5 22 30 37
Overall dimensions
    (L×W×H)(m) 7×3.6×4.5 7.3×4×5.2 7.5×4×6 7.5×4×6 10×5×7.4
Weight (T) 5 5 5 7 12
If you're looking for the double-cutting and winding rotary die film blowing machine to help with your business, welcome to buy the quality machines made in China from our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers in Guangzhou, China, we will also satisfy your customized requirement. pp woven mesh bag making machine Made in China

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  37inch exhausted fan manufacturer
Posted by: eleng596 - 01-10-2020, 07:32 AM - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

Our History
Since 2004, is the specialized manufacturer of evaporative air coolers, cooling pad and exhaust fan etc. in Shunde of China. It has the experience more than 10 years.
Our Factory
Our factories have own R&D center, mold design and production line workshops for evaporative air cooler, cooling and ventilation fan.
Our Product
Manufacture air cooler, cooling pad and ventilation fan For indoor and outdoor
Our Certificate
CE, CB,UL, SAA, SASO ISO9001:2010
Production Equipment
Injection machines
Production Market
Southeast of Asia, Middle-East, West EURO, South America, and North America
Our service
Quickly reply to the customers’inquiry and question before sale
Closely follow and finish well the orders during the production.
Positively answer the customers’need and help after-sales.37inch exhausted fan manufacturer

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  customized hard paper box
Posted by: eleng596 - 01-10-2020, 07:30 AM - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

rigid setup boxes wholesale
MOQ5000 Piece/Pieces 1000000 Fashion Collapsible Stock Rigid Box
Paper MountingMaterial: coated paper ,fancy paper and etc. Thickness:110gsm, 120gsm,150gsm
In the paper1.Material:grey board, white paperboard.mdf wood 2.Thickness:hard paperboard(800gsm,900gsm,1000gsm, 1100gsm,1200gsm)medium density fiberboard(2.5mm-9mm)
Printing1.Offset printing,Screen printing 2.Glossy/ matt lamination 3.UV spot coating 4.Gold foil(hot stamping) 5.Embossing and etc.
Accessories1.Holder inserted(EVA,Blister,paperboard) 2.Velvet, satin or other fabric lined,flocked
Applications1.Paper Box-gift 2.Paper Box-electronic product 3.Paper Box-jewelry / watch 4.Paper Box-wine 5.Paper Box-cosmetic 6.Paper Box-leather product 7.Paper Box-other packaging
black & yellow collapsible rigid box for sale.premium collapsible rigid box with logo gold foil.The foldable rigid box picture is for customer reference. We can supply various kind of packaging boxes with beautiful printing image,high quality ,unique design and competitive price.All specification—design, dimensions, graphics can be changed as per customers requirement.

Company Information
Guangzhou Junye Packaging  Co., LTD. specialized in printing & packaging since 2001.
Along with design, producing and sale service, it is a general tax payment enterprise.
Keeping boutique paper packaging as main business,such as elegant paper box,paper bag,
hang tag, it contribute to apparel, jewelry, electronics,leather goods, cosmetics, health products ,
daily products and other industries.Its products passed TUV,BV,SGS and WCA.
Why Choose Us

Notice for Fashion Collapsible Stock Rigid Box custom orders:
1.MOQ of Fashion Collapsible Stock Rigid Box is 3000 pieces.The larger the quantity is, the cheaper the unit price will be.
2.Your requirements of materials ,thickness,processing technique,dimensions and quantity are necessary.
3.Your artwork in CDR, AI, PDF, EPS formats will be appreciated or we offer design service and Professional guidance for free.
4.You have to prove the ownership of the trade mark/logo and offer the certificate of authorization.
5.Special requirements must be presented in advance(eg:packaging, transport mode). customized hard paper box

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  low price gondola shelves
Posted by: eleng596 - 01-10-2020, 07:28 AM - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

Zhelf Manufacturing Co. Ltd (Zhelf) is one of the professional shop fitting manufacturers of store displays. With over a decade long experience working with leading international brands globally, we dedicate ourselves to offer complete solutions for our customers' needs and develop new products to meet the challenging of retail market
Acrylic display, display counters, display racks, display showcases, display tables & mirrors, gondola shelves & shelf accessories, display hooks, and shopping trolley & carts etc.
All of these display products can be used in clothing/garment store, shoes shop store, kiosk store, any kinds of retail store, boutique store, supermarket etc.
SGS, ISO9000, and also can accept 3rd party inspection
Auto cutting, CNC router, Turrent Punch machine, Laser cutting machine, Auto edge bander, tube and sheet bending machine, multi-axis drilling machine, Mig and Tig weld, spot welding, fence weld machine, etc.
95% products will be exported worldwide, especially Australia, UK, US, France. And each client would give high rated on our products and service, and also would like to repeat order with us.
Our products are 100% customer-made, so each order will be produced once every detail confirmed with clients. After delivery, we will track the goods for clients also and get prompt feedback from them relating to their products.
low price gondola shelves

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  low price Shaped compression spring
Posted by: eleng596 - 01-10-2020, 07:27 AM - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

The main material for stainless steel spring are 304L, 316L,631 ETC and the surface can be polished.
Spring factory design and production of various types of stainless steel spring, stainless steel spring for high and low temperature, corrosion and other working environment, materials, including 130M, 304302301316316L, 321.202.201.430.420631 and so on
Stainless steel spring is the working environment of chemical machinery and electronic industries in the requirements of corrosion resistance, high temperature, without a magnetic elastic element using the stainless steel spring can produce large elastic deformation under load, the mechanical power or kinetic energy into elastic potential energy, and the deformation disappears after unloading stainless steel spring and reply the status quo, the deformation can be transformed into mechanical energy or kinetic energy.
According to the mechanical properties of stainless steel spring, stainless steel spring can be divided into tensile spring, compression spring, torsion spring and the bending spring, can be divided according to the shape of disc spring, ring spring, spring sheet, coil spring, conical spiral spring and torsion bar spring. The ordinary cylindrical spring is simple in manufacture, and can be easily received according to the
Stainless steel spring
The case is made of various types, the structure is simple, so the most widely used. In general, the spring should have high elastic limit, fatigue limit, impact toughness and good heat resistance and corrosion resistance. The commonly used spring wire diameter of 20 mm or less with cold rolled stainless steel spring, but also forced or polished after being produced, spring can improve the bearing capacity and surface finish.low price Shaped compression spring

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  China Galvanized Steel Plank suppliers
Posted by: eleng596 - 01-10-2020, 07:24 AM - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

Tianjin Lefin Industry Group  Containing Tianjin Lefin Industrial Co.,Ltd 、Tianjin Lefin Steel Import & Export Co.,Ltd、 Lefin Steel Hongkong Co.,Limited And Tianjin Shengqifeng International Trading Co.,Ltd. Its Total Assets Is More Than 30 Million Usd And Our Mills Totally Has More Than 90,000 Square Meters.The Annual Production Of Welded Tube Is More Than 300000 Tons Per Year. There Are More Than 300 Employees And 20 Engineers Now. Our Main Products Include 1/2inch To 34 Inch ERW Pipe/SMLS PIPE/GALVANIZED Pipe/ Which Has Been Produced According To Bs1387/ASTM A500/A53/A106/En10219/En10255 API 5L/5CT Standard ,All These Steel Pipes Are Suitable For The Industries Of Oil, Natural Gas,Ship Building,Chemical, Water Conservancy, Electrical Industry,Steel Structure, Building And Other Related Fields.

We Also Have 6 Production Lines Produce Hollow Section From 800mm*800mm-10mm*10mm Square & Rectangular Pipe, The Wall thickness Range From 0.7mm To 40mm.At The Same Time,We Also Supply Seamless Pipe, Steel Structure And Steel Coil(Gi Coil/Ppgi) To Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia And South America Market.

We Have Also Produce And Agency Of Big Government Mill Of PPGI,Gi Coil In Tianjin.
It Is Located In Hengtai Road, Daqiuzhuang Town,Tianjin City,China. It Is Joined With Tuanbo New Town And Adjoins Jing-Jin-Tang Speed Highway. Our Mills Is About 40 Kilometers To Tianjin Port And Binhai Airport .The Convenience Traffic And Dominant Geographical Position Make It Developing Well In The Future.
Mill Produces According To Iso9001-2000 Quality Control System Strictly. It Has Advanced Equipments And Technology So That Can Meet The Demands Of Clients In Maximum.
  China Galvanized Steel Plank suppliers

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  Indoor Wall Lights
Posted by: eleng596 - 01-10-2020, 07:21 AM - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

Decorative uplighters crystal bedside wall lamps/wall mount light fixture
Specification about wall lamp                           
Item noWL1631
Source areaGuangdong,China
Lighting source1*E27 50Hz
Input voltage220V
BrandRebecca Lighting
StyleModern and luxury
A variety of styles available                           
Our Service                                     
About the of shipping:
you can choose express delivery,airfreight,or seafreight.All depend on the quantity of order.
1,Express delivery--FEDEX,DHL,TNT,UPS,EMS.
For the small quantity,such as one or two,or ten pieces,you can choose express delivery
that will be faster and safer,and you can receive the goods in your house,except the remote area.
2,Airfreight, Also for the small quantity.It is more economic than express delivery,but you need to make customs clearance in your local city for yourself.
As the most economic means of transportation,seafright is suitable for bulk goods and full
contianer cargo,but it iwill take muach more times to arrive at your destination.
With so many years of experience in exporting decorative lamps, we can give you the best service such as booking container,making custom clearance ect.
Delivery time:30-35days,it may also will be vary based on different design and quantity.
Payment term:T/T or L/C at sight.But we also can accept to pay by West Union.
Warranty:We keep 1year warranty to all th e surface of our products and to the electrical parts and other aspect of our products, we keep 3 years warrany.
Our aompany ,Rebecca Lighting was a specilized lighting manufacturer with over 10 years exporting experience.All our products are CE,UL,SASO approved.Our factory have passed the factory audit by SGS,V-Trust as well.The space of our big showroom has reached 5200 square meters,each customer who visit to our factory can find their favorite lamps in our big showroom which displays thousands of lights.Indoor Wall Lights

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