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Who is the best affiliate progam ?
best affiliate program? best affiliate network?There is no "BEST" affiliate network really though, only your favorite ones.I've tried out and used probably close to 50 affiliates in the past 7 years, and to my experience the social networks was the most profitable, specifically dating sites. And it's mostly because of they way the ad banners work, and they are more effective at getting credit cards from visitors. For something other then dating site, affiliate system is one that I actually helped develop as an adviser and I use it my self. They sell some neat gadgets and I think their graphic ads are pretty effective at getting traffic.
The text on the CTA button also makes a huge difference. This "Check Price" created more CTR but lower conversion. "Buy on Amazon" the exact opposite. I would simply recommend testing for 30 days straight and then compare the results.

[Image: 8606076198_009a5414ee_o.png]
In terms of measurement, I use google analytics (google tag manager) and the Amazon reports itself (content insight/content performance tells you what URL performed how and generated how many sales). Ad all of that date in a spreadsheet and create some formulas to summarize them. Simply described: google analytics "number of visitors", content performance "clicks" and "sales" (visitors vs. clicks = CTR, visitors vs sales = sales, clicks vs. ordered items = conversion)
Unfortunately, then only 2% of clicks convert to purchases but they depend on Amazon, not on me. Do you own some niche blog based on Amazon affiliation? It can be interesting to share some info and experiences.
According to your experience, how did you raise the clicks to the banners in your niche blog? And which tools are you using for measuring the performance of each banner? These key info would be very important to share.
One may need ne'er taken half within the real auction, however everyone has definitely watched the method on TV in films. folks bet against the fascinating heap and also the winner is that United Nations agency has offered the best value.Actually, that's the which means of RTB (Real Time Bidding). A user could be a heap during this context. which means of “real time” is additionally fully true, as bidding is control at the time of loading a page. A winner United Nations agency has offered more cash than rivals, shows his ad to the user.

rtb advertising platform

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