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China Recycle Shuttering Plywood exporters
Our History
Founded in 1995.
Lianyungang chanta trading Co. , ltd was started in 2010.
Our own factory was founded in 2012.
The total sales amout reach 90, 000, 000 in 2013.
The total sales amout reach 189, 000, 000 in 2014.
The total sales amout reach 212, 000, 000 in 2015.
The total sales amout reach 354, 000, 000 in 2016.
The total sales amout reach 460, 000, 000 in 2017.

Our Factory
Shandong Chanta Wood Co. , Ltd was founded in 1995, which mainly produces film faced plywood, fancy plywood and commercial plywood. Our factory covers an area of 27, 000 square meters with 10 plywood production lines and 100, 000CBM capacity per year.
"Honest and trustworthy, Keeping our promises"and "customers first"is our successful value which earned ourselves a good reputation. Base on Chanta mission "Endless innovation. Providing customers with high quality products and services", our products is popular in Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, Oceania and other parts of the world.
Chanta group, one of the top three plywood exporters in China, which have more than 15 years export experience. Our film faced plywood capacity is 15000cbm monthly. High grade materilas, advanced machinery guarantee our standard quality. We have four brands film faced plywood LORDPLEX, CHANTAPLEX, ROCKAMARINE, BUILDPLEX. Commercia plywood like pencil cedar, bintangor, okouma, pine and so on. Fancy plywood factory covers 5000 square meter, with 8 production line and 20 production process. We offer a range of fancy pywood, such as Red oak , Beech, Sapele , Ash, Teak and others. For plywood, we have standard size or customized, different kind veneer okoume, bintangor, birch, pencil cedar and so on. Strict and advanced production line standard quality. Choose quality choose chanta!
Now our company owns 5 sales teams and 5 document teams to deal with export, and 6 QC teams to guarantee our quality. We are working hard to realize our vision:. Serve the Whole World!

Our Product
Film faced plywood, furniture plywood, fancy plywood, decorative plywood, commercial plywood, wood veneer, natural veneer, recon veneer, osb board, melamine plywood, melamine mdf, veneered plywood, lvl.

Product Application
Our products is widely used in construction and building and vehicle industry for making transport equipment containers, loading platforms, truck and trailer floors and wagons. generally used for domestic purposes like interior designing and home decorations such as making furniture such as chairs, tables, sofas, beds etc.

Our Certificate

Production Equipment
veneer peeling, veneer drier, glue spreader, performing press, hot press, Longitudinal and side saw machine, sanding machine, veneer jointed machine

Production Market
Our product are sold all over the world, such as Middle east 、Europe、America、Africa.
The total sales amount is ¥460 million in 2017,We are the top 3 plywood exporter in china.

Our service
1. Pre-sales service:
a. Provide technical consulting services to users free of charge.
b. Provide users with product samples, company profiles, credit certificates and other information.
c. Invite users to visit our company to inspect product design, product manufacturing process, product prototype, product testing facility and quality management system.
d. Invite users to inspect the units of products sold by our company and listen to the opinions of the users.
e. Our company can assign experienced technicians to design and select for free according to the site conditions and technical parameters provided by users.
2. sales service :
During the product manufacturing process, the user is invited to visit the company to inspect the various processes in the manufacturing process, and provide the product's inspection standards and inspection results to the relevant technical personnel.
3. After-sales service:
a. After the delivery of our company's products, send a special person to the customer receiving site to check the delivery of the goods.
b. Free on-site commissioning service for the products sold.
c. Free installation and installation services for the products sold.
d. Our company is equipped with a high-quality after-sales service team based on technical personnel. In response to the user's service information or feedback, the user is satisfied with the reply and processing within the shortest time.
e. Our company's products implement the "three guarantees" service (it is indeed due to the quality problems of our company, including replacement, replacement, repair).
f. The quality of the work of the after-sales service personnel sent by our company is judged by the user (the user signs the opinion on the "User Feedback Information Sheet" issued by our company). According to the user's judgment, the rewards and punishments of our company's after-sales service personnel will be honored.
g. Our company set up a complaint phone: (Tel: If you are not satisfied with the service quality of our company's product quality after-sales service personnel, we can make a complaint, our company will handle it seriously.
Our company regularly visits users to understand the use of products and help solve various problems that may be encountered during use. At the same time, we seek quality and technical improvement advice to better serve our customers.China Recycle Shuttering Plywood exporters

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