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I have looked at the different tables on various sites, and the complete shoe is taken away from the table, and then brought back for a "once through the pack" single shuffle. My suspicion is that the shoe is "arranged" before returning to the table - and this is the reason it is taken out of view for a short time. On one occasion I saw cards face up on an empty table in view in the main lobby, and there were about 10-12 aces on the right, all face up. Perhaps the cards were being sorted and checked, but perhaps not. That view was only there for a short time, as someone then collected the cards.
The interesting statistic from the people who contacted me was that the percentage of Blackjacks for the player overall was around 2.4%, almost exactly half the figure that it should be for 8 decks 4.7451% (32/416*128/415*2). What I think happens is that at the shuffle table the casino takes 16 of the aces and places them at the bottom. Then there is a single riffle in six sections followed by a cut, so that these 16 aces will not be in play in the new shoe. There will now be an average of 8 aces in the section that will be used in the new shoe, and not the average of 16 aces that would be expected for the (approximately) 208 cards that are used in an 8 deck game with the postilion inserted half way. I did a simulation for 8 decks with only 50% aces, and had a figure of -3.3% - no doubt you would be better than me at checking that!
These are old postings but if i found it googling then it is still seen. I hate to report that indeed an online casino can cheat. I'm so sad because suspicious for long time there are not confirmation once a reputable online casino for whatever reason has gone rogue. After doing everything i was told to do when choosing an online site to play I chose one. After a few mths i questioned many times somethings not right. at first pacified with something and that many times took my suspicions away, Now I'm finding 99% chance they are cheating me. Not only falsifying documents but other things I found to be not right. Blacklisted on the majority of sites now a complete chg on the very sites i read & trusted he was genion i'm desperate someone will plz anser with great interest to gain knowledge before fighting them. All the resource pgs on site & i'v had issues getting. don't always believe sites.
I have looked at the distinctive tables on quite a lot of sites, and the complete shoe is taken far away from the desk, after which brought again for an "as soon as by way of the p.C." single shuffle. My suspicion is that the shoe is "arranged" earlier than returning to the desk - and that is the intent it is taken out of view for a short while. On one party, I saw cards face up on an empty desk in view of the major lobby, and there were about 10-12 acres on the proper, all face-up. Perhaps the cards have been being sorted and checked, however maybe no longer. That view used to be most effective there for a short while, as anyone then accumulated the playing cards. Minimum number of men and women have contacted me or my website about Playtech reside vendor video games.
for all you ivy-leaguers out there who don't believe online casinos cheat... y'all must not play but ONCE a month I'm guessing... they practically ALL cheat!!! i'll say it again, online casinos CHEAT! some definitely worse than others. if wondering why none of these casinos or at least none i know of are actually located in the US didn't strike you as being scandalous... surely the win big at first and most likely never again strategy will eventually get you. i listened to some asshole manager at bovada tell a bank manager in a fraud case that this is how they "reel them in..
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