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bitcoin as payment
The main purpose of all kinds of money trading is to choose the right strategy and a bot plays a very important role in it. Modern crypto markets are known for their volatility and the main task of the bot is to leverage the following possibilities and prevent money losses.
The first and the main reason which impacts the choice of the crypto trading bot is, of course, the tools offered by the software. When it comes to Cap Club, the range of tools offered is quite extensive. Profitable deals can be made using such tools as:
Since some bots are developed for use only by experienced traders, Cap Club is a more universal product which will come in handy both to beginners and advanced users. According to the official website, the bot can be used by three categories of traders:
Users of Cap.Club do not require additional knowledge or skills to be able to use it. Even if there are any challenges, the development team as prepared different educational material in the form of tutorials and videos to make the whole process clear and fast.
The platform suggests beginners who only get acquainted with cryptocurrency trading a free demo account with virtual deposits to get the idea of the process and develop necessary skills without losing real money. When you register a demo account, you get a certain amount of virtual cryptocurrency to trade without a necessity to make real money deposits.
It is worth noting that the use of Cap.Club bot platform is free of charge. However, there are certain restrictions applied to this free plan too. A trader can use only one simultaneously working strategy, only 4 blocks are available in the visual strategy editor, there are no notifications to Telegram, and in 30 days, a working strategy will be paused.
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