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But the gradual mainstreaming of digital currency
After stating that the upfront and trail commission remuneration structure provides a strong incentive for mortgage brokers to put customers in the right loan the first time and promotes competition, it recommended that upfront and trail commission (which the MBF suggested would be “more correctly referred to as a ‘deferred upfront commission”) should be calculated on a “fair, equitable and reasonable basis for mortgage brokers and lenders”.
The Bitcoins created so far have ranged in value up to USD20,000 during their relatively short life, an incredible rise that has drawn all sorts of skepticism from the established financial industry.But Bitcoin actually has its roots in some of the bedrock of our current financial system. The US stock market, now considered one of the most stable markets in the world economy, was somewhat stagnant when it was first created in the 1800s.
Fast forward to today and stocks and bonds are considered a standard part of any financial portfolio, and the world economy eagerly awaits news of the reactions and prices on various stock exchanges around the world.Where once location and social stratification and the economics of your region determined your financial fate, now globalization has provided, in the form of online engagement, decentralization, and e-commerce – new social elevators for everyone.

Bitcoin has cemented its third straight monthly loss after September 24 and 26 produced a large sell-off and dragged prices lower, opening up the possibility for another price drop.Supposed bullish catalysts such as Bakkt’s physically-backed bitcoin futures product fell short of expectations, possibly raising a red flag for institutional investors.Both the weekly RSI and awesome oscillator demonstrate waning interest from bullish buyers leading to expectations of further price declines.
Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent sell-offs on September 24 and 26 produced yet another bearish monthly closing candle, marking the third straight month in the red for the world’s premier crypto.The top crypto is currently changing hands at $8,234 on Bitstamp, representing a 1.17-percent decline over the last 24 hours. Further price drops are likely, should the bulls fail to reverse the damage done at the end of September.
BTC has begun to form a similar monthly pattern to the one produced from February to October, 2018, whereby prices are finding a solid base of support at around $7,780 amid sliding overall interest – as expressed by the lower highs and limited price range of the last 3 monthly candles.There’s hope that the sellers will become exhausted by the end of October’s closing period, as total volume has been declining period-to-period. That theory will be put to the test in coming days, because volatility generally increases during the middle of the month (based on historical data).
The weekly chart provides little in the way of a counter-narrative to the long-term bearish view seen on the monthly chart. Momentum has capped out beneath the neutral 50 zone on the RSI, a measurement of buyers and sellers of a particular asset over a particular time period.Further, the awesome oscillator (AO), which also measures momentum and captures market cycles, demonstrates BTC’s slow and steady decline in perceived value, with prices struggling to rise back above $9,000 post market sell-off.
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