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PCAOB-registered firms that audit broker-dealers.
Bitcoin has cemented its third straight monthly loss after September 24 and 26 produced a large sell-off and dragged prices lower, opening up the possibility for another price drop.Supposed bullish catalysts such as Bakkt’s physically-backed bitcoin futures product fell short of expectations, possibly raising a red flag for institutional investors.Both the weekly RSI and awesome oscillator demonstrate waning interest from bullish buyers leading to expectations of further price declines.
All of this poses the question of which bank shareholder will be the first to transition from crypto entrepreneur to bank chairman. For now, Pandolfino said European regulators are requiring board members have over a decade of experience in traditional finance. As such, former Malta Stock Exchange director Dr. Abdalla Kablan, also a member of the Dubai Future Council for Blockchain, is the crypto-savvy outlier on Founders Bank’s current board.
In a press statement, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said his company will be one of the bank’s first clients as soon as it opens. Indeed, Pandolfino said that while her team is waiting for its European Union banking license, they are busy learning from their investors precisely what products and services the sector might need.“Having Binance as a seed investor,” Pandolfino said, “has allowed us to build everything knowing what the pain points are for complex organizations within the crypto space and how to solve those problems.”
Pandolfino said the bank might explore compliant ways to work with tokens in the more distant future. After all, she was one of the advisors who contributed to Malta’s Virtual Financial Assets legislation. That process took more than a year. But it eventually created a European gateway, as Pandolfino put it, for compliant innovation in the crypto space.“Our secret sauce is centered around building a know-your-customer, anti-money-laundering platform which is fintech-focused,” she said, describing Founders Bank.
The Mortgage Broker Forum (previously referred to as the Mortgage Industry Forum), a group of 11 independent broker firms that have been working with the support of hundreds of individual brokers, commissioned and funded the report in response to calls for changes in the financial services industry over the past 18 months and following the commencement of the Royal Commission (RC) into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry.
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