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Aquarium Decor, DIY and Equipment. - Aquarium Forums UK
Aquaria Central is one of the largest aquarium forums on the Web. The forum features thousands of posts offering help for both freshwater and saltwater aquarium keeping. Saltwater topics include General Marine, Marine Reef Keeping, Marine Invertebrates, Marine Equipment, and Saltwater Illnesses and Diseases. They also feature a classifieds section.
An aquarium is another necessity that most people need if the keep tropical fish. An exception from this is if you keep your home very warm. If the room temperature in a room is kept at 74f or above then you do not need a heater. Some aquarium filters have built in heaters. If you buy one of these filters then you will not need a separate heater. Choose a heater that is designed for an aquarium of your size or larger. An undersized heater will have to work very hard to try to keep the temperature up and will be a lot more expensive to run than a larger heater. Make sure that the entire heater is placed under the water. You can read more about aquarium heaters here.
Aquarium lighting is not necessary for most fish. Most fish will do well with the ambient light. You will however most likely want to buy a good light anyway. A good light will make the fish and the aquarium look a lot better.. If you just keep fish then you can chose any light that looks good as long as it doesn’t heat the water too much. If you want to keep a planted aquarium then you will need to choose a lighting system that is suitable for an aquarium your size and the plants you want to keep. Some plants do well with little light while other needs a lot of light to thrive. Read more about lighting
An air pump is not a necessity but will help make it easier to keep your fish healthy. A well kept aquarium with a suitable stocking will not need an air pump. An air-pump will however help keep the water oxygenated if the water quality goes down due to overfeeding, a dead fish or a number of other reasons. It can be the difference between a slight dip in water quality and disaster. You do not need an air pump but i highly recommend that you get one. They are cheap and can save the life of your fish. Read more about air pumps
You not need to keep plants in your aquarium. A lot of tropical fish will do well regardless of whether you keep plants or not. If you do chose to keep plants then that will bring both benefits and drawbacks. It will help reduce algae growth, will provide hiding places for the fish and will make the aquarium look more natural. It will however also make the aquarium need more care as you need to prune the plants, remove plant debris etc. In the end it is up to you to choose if you want to keep plants or not. Whether the best option is to keep plants or not is usually decided by what types of fish you want to keep and how you want your aquarium to look. You can read more about aquarium plants in our aquarium plant section.
It is very important to cycle your aquarium before you start putting fish in it. An aquarium that is uncycled is very sensitive to water pollution and over feeding. An aquarium that has been cycled will be a lot more stable and is able to handle fish waste and small amount of excess food. Not cycling the aquarium correctly is the most common mistake made by new fish keepers. Make sure that your aquarium is well cycled before you add fish. This might take up to two weeks from the time that you set it up and fill it with water. I know it can be hard to wait and I am often tempted to but fish in too soon. But it is worth it to wait and only add fish once the cycle is done. Learn more about aquarium cycling here.
Of course now there are lots of models and also the size of the aquarium that makes it easy for you to choose an aquarium that suits your needs. Therefore, you don't need to bother making a special aquarium for your favorite ornamental fish. However, for those of you who are curious about how to make an aquarium, then you don't need to worry. Why is that? Because on this occasion we will present a review on how to make a simple aquarium. Here is a full explanation, or check the video directly .

Aquarium is a container that is usually made of transparent glass material or material where the glass container is used as a place to maintain ornamental fish. Actually aquarium has many benefits that you can feel. One of the benefits of aquariums is that it can beautify the room and also liven up the atmosphere in your house to make it more interesting. In addition, with the aquarium in your home, it can help you in maintaining health, especially psychological or mental.
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