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China Oval Filter Cartridge
MERV14/F8 Filtration Efficiency Oval Filter: F-CE-OVAL/NFR
MERV16/F8 Filtration Efficiency Oval Filter: F-PET-OVAL/F4FR
DRYFLO Flame Retardant Elements Cartridge:
Oval Filter Cartridge--F TYPE
Media TypePET-F4FR/160CE-NFR/135
Filter MediaPTFE Membrane Spun bonded Polyester & Flame Retardant80/20
Blend Cellulose with NANO Fiber Membrane &Flame Retardant
Filtration Area14.6m217m2
Filtration Precision0.3μm1μm
Precision GradeMERV16/H11MERV14/F8
Filtration Efficiency≥99.99%≥99.9%
Metal treatmentPowder spray coating metal/stainless steel mesh
★ Other changes will be depended on the demand of client.
Donaldson products can consider alternative options.
Independently research and develop filtration materials to solve filtration problems.China Oval Filter Cartridge

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