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Progressive Ears MUSIC
Usually when a website looks as distracting as 4chan does, that becomes a major downfall. But the aesthetics don’t seem to be a damaging factor here. Regardless of the format, the traffic remains heavy. Unlike some other message boards that have some pretty vague topics, 4chan threads tend to be really specific. There’s literally a thread for everything. Some threads include: favorite albums you used to hate, best albums to sleep to, rating each album in an artist’s catalog, sex playlist suggestions, and even classical music suggestions.
Another forum that is trying to help young artists develop their craft is The Muse’s Muse. On this message board there is a popular thread simply called “Song Feedback.” Rather than discussing the work of already established artists, on here people are able to help artists by providing constructive criticism. Various artists post a link to their song as well as the lyrics and sometimes a technical breakdown of the instrumentation. Beginning a music career is all about trial and error and getting used to both negative and positive feedback from strangers is a good way to build confidence as well as tough skin.
Everyone wants to be a DJ these days, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you want to eventually tour the world like Diplo then you’d better make sure you perfect your craft. The forum on DJ Chat may be of some assistance to any aspiring DJs. The threads give advice on all the things a beginner should know: proper equipment to use, how to get the sounds you want, lighting effects, etc. As expected, the sound advice section has the most activity because if you’re a DJ that can’t get the sound right, nothing else really matters.
Most message boards about music cover genres that are fairly similar, Philaflava is all about variety. The threads under the section named after Rick Rubin range from blues to reggae to metal. The various genres covered on this message board are great for readers with an eclectic taste. While many forums include threads where people post download links to albums, there’s not too many where you can find an entire thread dedicated to reggae. The thread “reggae uploads” has been provided links to hard-to-find reggae albums for the past five years.
Since there are forums for DJs, producers and music lovers alike, it only makes sense that there would be some for musicians. One in particular is Ultimate Guitar, which provides all the technical advice guitarists could be looking for. The message boards are as much for experts as they are for beginners. The UG community hIt's not all technical and business, either. Two of the most active threads are "Bands & Artists" (for discussing artists and songs you love or hate) and "
The Pit," which is open for discussion of anything, and currently has over 13 million threads on guitar techniques broken down to different kinds of guitars; acoustic, electric or bass. And for musicians trying to further their career, more helpful threads include “songwriting & lyrics” which allow artists to get feedback on their work and “classifieds” which helps artists network with each other.
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drum electronique

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