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Intranet Cross Platform Messaging App
I'm looking for a program which will allow messaging between a number of computers running Windows Vista, XP and OpenSuse 10.2. The program must allow messages to be sent on our intranet net NOT the internet. If anyone could help it would be appreciated greatly. Thankyou.
Flutter is similar to React Native in many respects. They are still using their respective language whether it is Dart or Javascript and interpreting this on the mobile device. I understand that both of these applications provide access to the native controls and functions and give an excellent performance, they are great products in their field. However, in both cases, you can't choose your own language and you are still device centric. (I think I'm finding my points of differentiation).
There are a lot of products on the market that operate on multiple mobile platforms with HTML/CSS/Javascript technologies, and if I was doing that I probably would have gone with PhoneGap which has plenty of users and online support. It also has an extensive list of devices supported.

Some people believe products like PhoneGap are an entirely suitable solution, and some people don't preferring instead the native development. I'm sitting in the middle somewhere preferring the native components and controls over the extensive use of the web component.

However, if you are suggesting that I'm using the concept of HTML, then yes! I am using the concept of passing data structured in a specific format to the device that then interprets that information and acts upon it, followed by responses back to the server similar to a link clicked or a form submitted. HTML as a concept is broad. Was that what you had in mind?
Thank you for all of your responses. This has certainly helped clarify our points of differentiation: Server centric and any programming language. I think we have also established that there isn't anything else on the market meeting this requirement.

Are you ready to invest in this idea?
Investment can mean time or money, I'm open to both.
If you like HTML then feel free to use an HTML product, I'm not trying to change your mind.
There are 100s, maybe 1000s of articles exploring the pros and cons or the different approaches, for example here is one example: cross platform app services

Personally I'm in favour of the Native application, however I need to write just one code set to ease the maintenance and product updates, so I'm tending towards some type of Hybrid solution.

I believe my proposal fits in the Hybrid solution category, alongside other solutions like React Native.
I do, and am. I'm not here because I'm looking for a HTML replacement. I'm here to get a handle on what exactly you're proposing and where its value lies. If you don't want to (or can't) explain that, I don't know why you started this thread?

Personally I'm in favour of the Native application

As I was trying to point out in my previous post, a web browser is also a "native" application. In some ways it's even more "native" than the native app you're proposing to construct. So I'll ask again: what is your pseudo web browser doing that is different or better than an actual web browser? I'm open to the general idea, but you haven't really spelled it out yet.
In the scenario you have outlined here, the most obvious solution is to create a mobile-friendly version of the existing web site, using standard web technologies they're obviously familiar with already. Modern web browsers can also access the device's location info, so that's covered as well. No need to mess about with app stores or ask their customers to install stuff, just point to the URL and you're done. You seem to be saying that there is a problem with a solution like this, and you intend to solve that problem. But I don't see the problem!

I don't have a specific question, I'm trying to understand what it is that your app fundamentally does that a web browser doesn't. Perhaps I'm missing something important, but so far I don't see it?
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