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  Protect your data by using EdbMails software
Posted by: marina123 - 1 hour ago - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

Certain methods/commands are there to recover Exchange database. Exmerge Utility, Exchange Admin Center (EAC), Exchange PowerShell (Exchange Management Shell) commands. 

With the above methods/commands, you may face many obstacles like it can’t convert heavily corrupted, encrypted, password protected, and offline EDB files, it does not support Exchange server 2007 and next versions.

A small error can spoil your original Exchange database. Don’t worry, by using best third party tool you can recover your corrupted database as original. There are several database recovery tools available in the market. But in this blog we will suggest you one good and efficient third party tool which solves almost all the Exchange server issues.

EdbMails EDB to PST Converter is recommended by the Exchange experts from all over the world. One of the simplest and fastest recovery tools to recover each and every bit from your original Exchange database.

How EdbMails software works?

You can take advantage of this software by some simple steps:

Download and install our application.
Either you can start by inserting login information or you can start ‘Free Trial’.
(Note: In free trial you can migrate only 30 mailboxes from each folder)

Next select the EDB file which you wish to export.
Export EDB to Outlook PST file.
EdbMails supports almost all latest Exchange versions (2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003) and outlook versions (2000, 2002, 2003, 2007,2010,2013,2016 and 2019).

[Image: edb-pst-select.jpg]

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  Forum Tv Repair in San Antonio
Posted by: wilderrasp - Yesterday, 09:25 AM - Forum: General Topics - Replies (5)

A local paper is likewise most likely to include listings of relevant business to fulfill your requirements. Watch on the advertising sections to learn more about specials and offers that use to customers in your neighborhood. The paper can assist you to go shopping in your area and likewise take advantage of discount coupons and special deals for appliance repair.

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  Help me with a scholarship
Posted by: ericdennis - Yesterday, 08:15 AM - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

Hello everyone, I don't complete my studies for the lack of money. I love to read so much, but I'm too poor so that my family could not give me sufficient funds to complete my studies. Kindly anyone gives me a better suggestion so that I can get a free scholarship and achieve my studies and dreams too.
Looking forward to all of you for better help.

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  Cheap TV Installs Service
Posted by: wilderrasp - Yesterday, 12:56 AM - Forum: General Topics - Replies (6)

Our quick and easy booking platform means you can pick the time you want, rather than waiting around for the typical 4 hour windows other TV hanging professionals make you wait. The Los Angeles TV installation professionals on the Handy platform work around your schedule and are all vetted and background-checked so you can rely on a great service. All our bookings are backed by the Handy Happiness Guarantee and allow for flexible scheduling, so if you change your plans, you can easily reschedule from the Handy website.

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  iCloud for Windows - Drive - Folder Path Length Limit & Syncing Issues
Posted by: OscarNRoberts - 11-19-2019, 04:54 PM - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

I posted this in the user forums but got no response as I suspect it's too low-level for the discussions there.  I think this is a relevant developer issue, even though I am only interested in this from a user perpsective.  Perhaps someone can confirm my reasoning (and the resulting potential for errors/bugs when syncing between Mac and Windows iCloud Drive)...
After some investigation of log files for iCloud for Windows (Drive specifically) (latest version - / , I think I've discovered a major reason why there are so many syncing issues with iCloud for Windows.
My theory is:
1) iCloud for Windows is built on top of the OneDrive technology. https://www.howtogeek.com/fyi/daily-news-roundup-icloud-for-windows-powered-by-onedrive-tech/
2) OneDrive technology limits the file path length to 216 characters (or thereabouts). You can verify this yourself by trying to create a folder path depth over 216 characters in length using OneDrive. See this article for some more information: http://www.purgeie.com/shareprep/maxlength.htm
3) Mac OSX filing system and iCloud (for Mac), don't have the same folder path restriction (well as far as I can see it's somewhere around 1024 characters - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7140575/mac-os-x-lion-what-is-the-max-path-length).
4) So files that are successfully uploaded to iCloud from a Mac, will fail to download on to Windows 10 if they exceed the OneDrive folder path length of ~250.
Checking the log files of iCloud for Windows I get errors such as
ERROR BRC::LocalContainer::CreateNewFilePlaceholder Error creating unique file path for itemID
ERROR BRC::LocalContainer::ApplyChangesForLiveFile Failed to create placeholder for
WARN BRC::LocalContainer::UpdateUnappliedRankRetryWithEtag com.apple.CloudDocs:__defaultOwner__: Will retry applying item
ERROR BRC::LocalContainer::ApplyChangesSchedule Apply failed for item
The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
5) This then causes iCloud for Windows to constantly retry creating placeholders and downloading, and constantly failing....
WARN BRC::LocalContainer::UpdateUnappliedRankRetryWithEtag com.apple.CloudDocs:__defaultOwner__: Will retry applying item in 30 seconds (retryCount = 0)
ERROR CKD::MMCS::GetErrorWithMMCSError Error Domain=com.apple.mmcs Code=16 "Last 4 requests failed with a network error. Retry after 16 seconds" UserInfo= {NSLocalizedDescription=Last 4 requests failed with a network error. Retry after 16 seconds,
I don't see anyway easy way around this issue as the two OS are fundamentally incompatible in terms of filing system limits (note Windows 10 can have a larger limit using registry, but it appears OneDrive has the lower limit, which is the bottleneck).
So the only way I can see is to reorganise all folders/files that are synced to iCloud to be under the ~250 character limit. And there is no easy way to check this while working normally in iCloud (on Mac side) - so you could unintentionally create a folder path depth that exceeds the OneDrive limit. It will work on the Mac side, but when using Windows it will fail.
I haven't thoroughly tested this theory, but after waiting days for my iCloud for Windows to sync, I decided to dig a little deeper and found the above information (and log files).
I have quite a deep structure to my filing, but I doubt I'm a complete edge case (!). Perhaps someone out there can verify these limits and symptoms.
The log files for iCloud for Windows can be found at

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  Customized Carbon Filter
Posted by: dabaosodmi3 - 11-19-2019, 02:47 AM - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

Activated carbon filter media
1) Activated carbon filter felt;
2) Air filter;
3) 100% of the adsorption capacity;
4) Low resistance of airflow.
Purpose: mainly used in air purifiers, air conditioners, filters, fume purifiers, water purification, gas adsorption, and so on; also be used in high-level of household textiles, tasteless furniture such as closet, shoe cabinet, etc.
Introduction: Fiber activated carbon media is made of high-quality activated carbon powder as absorption material. It is adopted of macromolecule adhesive material enclosed at fiber base with excellent absorption performance, good sharp, high strength, low air flow. Widely used in various domestic and car air-conditioner, air purifier, water purification, and gas absorption etc. Fiber activated carbon media can also be single-used for filtering effect with the super-fine synthetic fiber.
Main index carbon content≥40%, adsorption rate of benzene≥20%, adsorption rate of the carbon tetrachloride≥35%, purifying rate of bug dust≥85%, airflow resistance≤80 pa.
CTC absorption: 40-50%
Thickness: 3-20mm
Width: 1-2m
Length: 20-50m
Also can make as customized size.

Activated Carbon FilterAC-250AC-300AC-450
Normal Thickness3mm5mm10mm
Class Acc. EN779:2002G3G3G4
Carbon Content≥50%≥50%≥50%
Benzene Adsorption Capacity≥22Wt%≥22Wt%≥24Wt%
Rated Air Flow Velocity1.5m/sec1.5m/sec1.5m/sec
Rated Air Flow/5400m³/h5400m³/h
Initial Resistance/20Pa20Pa
Final Resistance/200Pa200Pa
Temp. Resistance<180C<180C<180C
Temp. Resistance Short Peaks<220C<220C<220C
Standard Roll Size1x20m, 1.2x20m1x20m, 1.2x20m1x50m, 1.2x20m
Activated carbon non-woven filter media
Refined by adopt the macromolecule material make the high quality active carbon powder adhere to the base material of non-woven fabrics. This product not only has the function of middle-effect filtration cotton, but also can effectively wipe off the toxicant. Such as benzene, and formaldehyde in the air, benzene absorption rate is about 25 % , it can be cut and folded as your wish. It' s mainly used in air conditioner, air purifier, water purifier and gas phase absorption. The following is technical parameter:

Max size(m*m)
AC Content(%)
Benzene Adsorption rate(%)
Customized Carbon Filter

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  Cordless Pet Clippers for sale
Posted by: dabaosodmi3 - 11-19-2019, 02:46 AM - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

Our History
Our factory from the beauty salon with a line of products began to develop, and then slowly develop to the charge section, and then later is to do the pet electric clippers, and large industrial scissors and animal husbandry scissors. Then we will carry out a piece of personal care products. Our goal is to develop the direction of the hair is where we have our products.
Equipment is also from the original old, and now to the automation, assembly line, etc., and then there are quality equipment to test, rather than with personal experience. We will develop a variety of products each year, and also do ODM products.
Then we also hope that customers and we can develop, to create a better product and market.
Our Factory
Established in 1994, NINGBO SHENJIAN ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE MANUFACTURED CO .;LTD is a manufacturer specialized in the research, development and production of hair clipper, animal clipper, pet clipper, horse clipper, sheep clipper. We are located in Ningbo china, with convernient transportaion access, it is half H from air port to my factory. All of our products comply with intermational quality standers and are greatly appreciated in a vanriety of different markets throughout the world.
If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.
Our Product
Hair clipper, cordless hair clipper, pet clipper, animal clipper, sheep clipper, horse clipper
Product Application
Human /animal
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Plastic presses Automatic assembly line Battery test voltage test instrument and
Production Market
We are many countries in the sale, there are several products also underwriting.
Our Service
We have a very experienced business contact and them in the order confirmation in the design department can help customers design box and so on design information can help customers save a lot of time and energy. After the sale we can help customer solve the problem.Cordless Pet Clippers for sale

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  Offer Pellet price
Posted by: dabaosodmi3 - 11-19-2019, 02:45 AM - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

softwood pellet
Wood pellets,soft pellet is one of them , are the most common type of pellet fuel and are generally made from compacted sawdust,and related industrial wastes from the milling of lumber, manufacture of wood products and furniture, and construction.[citation needed] Other industrial waste sources include empty fruit bunches, palm kernel shells, coconut shells, and tree tops and branches discarded during logging operations.
MaterialWood waste wood pellet
Water rate< 7%
Calorific value4300-4900 J
Density640 ± 20kg/M3
Length30-50mm,as your request
Packaingwoven bag
MOQ10 ton
The application of softwood pellet :Offer Pellet price

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  China Double Needle Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine
Posted by: dabaosodmi3 - 11-19-2019, 02:43 AM - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

Zhejiang KINGLEAD Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. focuses on the production and sales of Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machines. The products cover Leather Sewing Machines, Upholstery Sewing Machines, Flat Bed Heavy Duty Sewing Machines, Long Arm Heavy Duty Sewing Machines, Post Bed Heavy Duty Sewing Machines, Cylinder Bed Heavy Duty Sewing Machines, Heavy Duty Zigzag Sewing Machines, Extra Heavy Duty Thick Thread Decorative Seams Sewing Machines, Ornamental Stitch Sewing Machines, FIBC Bags Making Sewing Machines, Shoes Making Sewing Machines, Automatic Heavy Duty Sewing Machines, Top and Bottom Feed Heavy Duty Sewing Machines, Compound Feed Walking Foot Heavy Duty Sewing Machines, Special Sewing Machines, Customized Heavy Duty Sewing Machines, and all kinds of Heavy Duty Sewing Mahcines.
Nowadays, KINGLEAD Heavy Duty Sewing Machines are widely used in Sofa Furniture, Auto Upholstery, Aero Interiors, Luggage Case and Suitcases, Bags and Handbags, Leather Goods, Shoes, Tarpaulins, Saddles, Harness, Marine and Aviation Interiors Upholstery, Sails, Boat Covers, Webbing Slings, Awnings, Yachts, Armchairs, Recliners, Home Upholstery, Canvas, Synthetics, Vinyl Signs, Webbings and Straps, Tents and Parachutes, Leather Clothing, Neoprene and Wetsuits, Climbing Ropes, Military Gears, Jeans, Bouncy Castle, Sports Products, Container Bags and FIBC Bags, Buffing Wheels, Carpets and Nettings, and other Heavy Duty Thick Materials products sewing process, so KINGLEAD Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machines is active in various fields of fashions, indoors and outdoors, sports and geotextile, Automotive, Upholstery and Leather Industries, etc...
KINGLEAD Sewing Machine, the world brand of Heavy Duty Sewing Machines for all kinds of Heavy materials and thick threads, provide customized Heavy duty sewing machines to meet any demands of heavy duty materials and thick threads special stitching sewing process, ornamental and decorative seams for leather upholstery or textile fabrics. Special Heavy Duty Sewing Machines can improve working-efficiency, save labors cost and make more beautiful and perfect products, to experience the luxury feels of stitches with threads.
KINGLEAD Heavy Duty Leather and Upholstery Sewing Machines are mainly applied for stitching Automotive and Marine Upholstery, Sofa and Furniture Upholstery, Leather Bags and Handbags, Shoes and Boots, Wallets and Belts, Book Covers, Neoprene and Diver-Suits, Bedding and Mattress, Canvas Bags, Nylon Banners, Straps and Slings Webbing, and any other similar products made from medium to heavy weight materials, Extra Heavy Duty Thick Thread Sewing Machines are suitable for stitching Military Equipments, Tents and Parachute Rigger, Lifting Slings, Cargo Lashing Straps, Safety Harness and Climbing Ropes, Hot-air Balloons, Sails and Spinnakers, Leather Sofas and Armchairs, Car Seat Covers, ABS Luggage Case, Golf Bags, Horse Saddles, Blankets, Goodyear Shoes, Heavy Duty Soles, Pipe Insulation Covers, Belts, Heavy and Hard Cases, Jumbo FIBC Bags and other items made of Extra Heavy Weight and Thick Materials.
To be a world famous Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machines Manufacturer and Supplier, to be a reliable partner for agents and customers from all over the world, to help producing top-ranking products for end users and consumers. Decorate more beautiful world by sewing threads, Enjoy quality life by luxury stitches, with KINGLEAD everybody can be the Winner of Life !China Double Needle Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine

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  China Potable Folding Small Tables manufacturers
Posted by: dabaosodmi3 - 11-19-2019, 02:42 AM - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

Our History
Zhejiang Hongxiang Yuncai Leisure Products Co.,Ltd. has been established at the coastal city-Taizhou in 2002. Hongxiang devotes to trading and manufacturing in different kinds of outdoor furniture like camping tables & chairs, plastic furniture and kids’ tables&chairs. With rich varieties, stable quality, graceful shape and timely delivery, Hongxiang products have won favor from clients in Europe, southeast Asia, and America and so on. The plants of Hongxiang covers 10000 square meters and there are about 80 staffs working in the company. The trade mark of HONGXIANG is successfully registered in more than ten countries such as Japan, France, and Italy.
Our Factory
As a global supplier in the furniture manufactory, Zhejiang Hongxiang Yuncai Leisure Products Co.,ltd. focuses on the improvement of technology and equipment replacement, and has eliminated a number of old production machinery in recent years with introduction of advanced production equipment to achieve the modernization of qualified production.   Hongxiang always adheres to the concept of "innovation, quality, services", and absorbs new ideas with strict quality control and all-round service tracking to make high-quality products.
Our Product
The camping tables and chairs are all foldable, easy and fast to set up, convenient to carry, which are light, small and are the best for travel and picnic. The plastic furniture are excellent in quality and unique in design, including a number of utility model patents and exterior design patents in domestic countries and Europe countries. And the kids’ tables and chairs are colorful, cute and superior. Besides, some of the products have passed the quality test of SGS and LP.
Our Certificate
Zhejiang Hongxiang Yuncai Leisure Products CO.,ltd. meets the highest quality requirements as stipulated in its stringent quality control system such as ISO9001, BSCI and Sedex.
Our service
Besides our existing products, Zhejiang Hongxiang Yuncai Leisure Products CO.,ltd. also can produce products according to the drawings or samples from our customers. For all products, we select plastic and aluminum materials with good performance. We are insisted to existing by quality,developing by species, and managing by service with prestige. We must be your right choice.China Potable Folding Small Tables manufacturers

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