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Bitcoin - Some said it is a fraud / scam
I have a question about Bitcoin. In my country a few months ago, it was all over the news that a lot of people lost money in Bitcoin and some say it is a fraud / scam. Anyone care to explain what Bitcoin is really about and hope u can share your opinion about Bitcoin here.

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The main purpose of all kinds of money trading is to choose the right strategy and a bot plays a very important role in it. Modern crypto markets are known for their volatility and the main task of the bot is to leverage the following possibilities and prevent money losses.
According to the data provided on the official website of the bot platform, the number of its users will soon reach 4,000 people while 81% of strategies used have received a coin surplus.
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Since some bots are developed for use only by experienced traders, Cap Club is a more universal product which will come in handy both to beginners and advanced users. According to the official website, the bot can be used by three categories of traders:
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